A once prestigious conference takes a sad fall

By Kelvin Butler, reporter.

Alright now, back in my day, the Big 12 conference has 12 teams. All of them had their roles and unique skill set, with Texas A&M Aggies being the wild card team who always has top 25 talent. Then Nebraska Cornhuskers was the Big 12 North division top dog, having multiple appearances in the Big 12 conference championship games. Then Missouri Tigers was also another Big 12 North division top dog, sharing the spotlight with the Cornhuskers. Then the Colorado Buffaloes was a nice wholesome team who never did nothing besides 1991 but they were an okay team that no one hated.

Ever since they left the conference, this $h1t has hit the fan and especially now, with the College Football Playoff being the new way of determining the national champions, with the Big 12 being Oklahoma or bust since the four teams left. Granted the TCU Horned Frogs and West Virginia Mountaineers are adding in some competition in their early years in the conference, but now they’re just in the conference just to be a team in the conference. Oklahoma always losing at least one game already puts them behind the ball, then you add in the fact if they have one loss, their resume isn’t gonna be all that good with the conference only having one good team.

Most of the time, besides Oklahoma, the rest of the conference teams show no consistency. For example, Texas can be No. 5 and then lose back to back games and just ruin their championship contender status. So that’ll lessen the resume of the Sooners at the end of the season when it comes to making the playoffs.

The Pac-12 has the same issue teamwise, but at least they’re two different divisions in the conference, so on the conference championship there’s a chance it’s a matchup of two undefeated teams, or two one-loss teams, or mix and match. The ACC cleary has the worst problem with the talent of the overall teams, but at least the Clemson Tigers always go undefeated, so it makes the College Football Committee decision easy to let a 13-0 Tigers team in.

Hopefully the Baylor Bears defeat the Texas Longhorns and Kansas Jayhawks so the conference championship game will be against two top ten teams and Oklahoma wins, so the Big 12 will have a repressive in the college football playoffs.

As of right now, the Sooners are ranked No. 9 in the polls. If Penn State, Alabama, Utah and Georgia lose, the Sooners can be all the way up to No. 6 or 5, maybe even 4 if they blow out Baylor in the conference championship game. So I will be praying on that to happen oh-so-very quietly.

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