A Sad Farewell – Honest Monogamist

By Aubrie Smith, co-editor-in-chief.

Over the last 2 years, I have poured out my most intimate details onto the printed pages of the Delta Collegiate. I have held nothing back, showing you all how much of a mess my life really is; I did it eagerly and without hesitation.

Words cannot describe how sad it is that my time at the Delta Collegiate is coming to an end. It saddens my heart that I will no longer be able to share my professional life with you all, as co-editor-in-chief, nor my emotional and personal life as this columnist.

It has been such a pleasure to let you all into my life and to share my advice with you over these 2 years. Thank you for anyone who followed my column and looked forward to my bad humor.

I look forward to the rest of my educational journey, and I hope you all the best and brightest for your future endeavors.

As you embark on your future journeys, remember to communicate your emotions, experiment on your Tinders and laugh whenever possible. Put down your phones, enjoy the company you choose to keep and live your best life. Don’t ever be afraid to let someone know how you feel, don’t hide any aspect of yourself to compromise for someone else and love yourself before you choose to try to love someone else.

My last piece of advice for you is to get out of your comfort zone. No matter what route you’re taking on your relationship path, make sure to explore and do things that scare you just a little. Don’t rule things out just because, and don’t limit your experiences.

Experience life, put good energy into the world and positivity will come your way.

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