About Us


The Delta Collegiate is an award-winning, non-profit newspaper that has been student run since 1961. The Collegiate runs two print editions per month that deliver local, campus, and national news all while continuously working to keep our online presence as current as our readers.

The Collegiate consistently pushes itself toward excellence and as such the Collegiate has been recognized over the years for various achievements.

Since first garnering two awards from the Michigan Community College Press Association in 2014, the Delta Collegiate has since gone on to be recognized for 75 more awards from the Michigan Community College Press Association, including first place for online newspaper and general excellence.

The Delta Collegiate was also recognized for multiple awards at the 2016 Michigan Press Association convention where they competed against universities and community colleges alike.

Disseminating a composition like a newspaper is a collaborative effort that brings together people who are curious, original, and, above all, independent – this is what can make journalism tough. However, we choose to view it as our strength.
The Delta Collegiate urges each person to use their individual talents to strengthen the group.
Delta College is a school that is greater than the sum of its parts because of the individuals who form it, and we strive to reflect that.

The Delta Collegiate aims to be a newspaper that is relevant, open, accurate and fully representative of the people of Delta College and their communities.

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