Are the Utes finally gonna shoot a blank?

By Kelvin Butler, reporter.

The No. 4 college football playoff spot is honestly up to the Oklahoma Sooners and the Utah Utes; maybe even the Baylor Bears if they completely blow out the Sooners. Obviously, this is if No. 2 LSU Tigers defeat No. 4 Georgia Bulldogs this for leaving the four spot open. But it’s college football so anything can happen that can completely disrupt this plan.

I’m not even gonna lie to you: I’m a lifelong Oklahoma Sooners fan. So with this being conference championship game weekend, I’m happy to see my Sooners play the Bears in the Big 12 conference championship game. The odds are in favor of the Sooners to get the last spot in the playoffs since the Sooners have way more star power and better storylines then the Utes. Then, obviously, the Sooners have a way better offense and people want to watch a show. It’ll make more economical since Utah, the last PAC 12 team to get into the playoffs, got clapped up. So yeah. :/

The Utah Utes finds themselves at the No. 5 spot in the CFP rankings and are practically in. But they gotta beat the best quarterback west of the Mississippi, Justin Hibbert, and those damned Oregon Ducks. They can, but they’ve played no team like the Ducks, who have star power and talent. If they defeat them soundly by double digits then they should be in the playoffs.

But they gotta beat the hell out of the Ducks if they want to guarantee their bid, because there’s no telling what will happen in the Big 12 championship game. Those games can be shootouts, blowouts or a defensive slug fest on any day. So hopefully, Oklahoma gets in. If not, I got Utah going all the way. 🙂

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