CMU professor discusses original Flint water documentary

Cedric Taylor, sociology professor at Central Michigan University, addresses Delta College students and faculty during his presentation about his Flint Water Crisis documentary “Nor Any Drop to Drink” in the lecture theater. March 27, 2019, University Center. (Michael Piwowarski/News Editor)

By Michael Piwowarski, news editor.

UNIVERSITY CENTER — Central Michigan University sociology professor Cedric Taylor came to Delta College Wednesday, March 27 to discuss social inequalities and lack of trust in government, both of which are issues that have stemmed from the Flint water crisis.

The crisis is documented in a March 2018 film that Taylor produced called “Nor Any Drop to Drink,” which is currently screening in various locations across Michigan. Several segments from the film were shown when Taylor came to speak at Delta.

Taylor, who has previously worked on other, shorter projects, says that “Nor Any Drop to Drink” is his first full length documentary, at more than two hours in total length.

“From my perspective, this was an example of glaring injustice,” Taylor stated at the presentation, saying what inspired him to make the film.

The Flint water crisis, to date, has affected more than 100,000 Flint residents since the city’s decision to switch its water source from Detroit to the Flint river. Taylor’s documentary features perspectives from a variety of those affected, many of which are mothers who have dealt with lead poisoning in their children.

With people in Flint still in need of bottled water as the city’s water quality remains uncertain, “Nor Any Drop to Drink” aims to show that the water crisis is a primary example of why there is a significant lack of trust in government institutions.

However, Taylor wants people to look beyond the deteriorating pipes and the brown, muddy water and take away a message that looks at a bigger picture when it comes to social issues.

“The problems may not be water, but it could be something else,” says Taylor. “So in terms of government, in terms of democracy, in terms of putting money before people, corporate takeovers of local government; all of these things are things that we should be paying attention to.”

“Nor Any Drop to Drink” is scheduled to be shown at the University of Michigan-Flint Thursday, March 29 at 5:30 p.m. at French Hall Room 111. More information, including a full schedule of screenings, can be found at Additionally, the film can be liked and followed on Facebook for updates, including when it will be available for distribution.

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