Coffee Beanery looking to open up shop in Saginaw campus

Reference rendering of the Coffee Beanery kiosk in the Delta College Saginaw campus. (Photo courtesy of Michele Pierce)

By Michael Piwowarski, news editor.

Mere months before the anticipated summer opening of Delta College’s new downtown Saginaw learning center, a Michigan-based coffee chain intends to become a part of it.

Michele Pierce, the owner of the Coffee Beanery location at Fashion Square Mall in Saginaw, went to the April 9 board of trustees meeting and presented her proposal to open a new Coffee Beanery stall inside the Saginaw campus.

“Seeing that there is a coffee shop [at the main campus], I think that it would be a good addition for the Saginaw community as well as the students that get up and go to class every morning,” says Pierce.

During her quick presentation, Pierce showed the board a reference rendering of the potential Coffee Beanery kiosk. She later talked with a few of the board members after the meeting and is looking to complete a written proposal for the board to consider, as they also consider bids from other businesses.

According to Pierce, the kiosk would take up 176 square feet and most of the cost – including construction – would be covered by the Coffee Beanery rather than Delta, however the complete logistics of cost are yet to be finalized.

Delta College president Jean Goodnow confirmed at the meeting that there are tentative plans in place to feature vending at the Saginaw center.

The Coffee Beanery is based in Flushing and currently operates more than 100 locations in the U.S. including several locations in Michigan. Fashion Square Mall, however, is their only store in the Tri City area. Coffee Beanery hopes to use this opportunity to expand even further into the local community, as well as potentially open up shop in the future Midland Center too.

“My next step is to kind of see if I can do a survey at the school to see if it’s possible; if it’s something that I can get a response from the students, letting the board know that this [is what the community would] want,” says Pierce.

Pierce was born and raised in Saginaw and was also a student at Delta College. This motivates her to give back to the community through a new Coffee Beanery kiosk; a way for students at the Saginaw Center to recharge in time for their classes.

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