Colin Kaepernick has an NFL problem

By Kelvin Butler, reporter

Colin Kaepernick is a very polarizing figure in sports who sacrificed his future in the NFL by kneeling during the national anthem, in protest over the police brutality among the African-American community. This leads to what some people would refer to as being black balled by the NFL.

Right now, Kaepernick is in a lose-lose situation pretty much because he’s not good enough to turn a bad team into a good team. And most, if not all, good teams got a quarterback who is (if not better) certainly the same, at least. That’s saying if Kaepernick will just return seemingly at the peak of his prime.

He took three years off and the game has changed a lot since. Besides the Chicago Bears, there’s no other good teams that need a quarterback and is in a win now stage. Besides that, every bad team either has a young quarterback trying to develop them, or will just draft a quarterback to try and develop them. Then sign a 32-year old-Kaepernick, expecting game-changing quarterback play from him.

If he’s looking to start, let’s look at all the bad teams that don’t have a young quarterback. The Cincinnati Bengals don’t have a young quarterback, but they’re going to get the no. 1 pick in the draft so that’s where they’ll get their quarterback. The Chargers is the only place that might make sense but they need Phillip Rivers to sell tickets when they move into their new stadium.

So all Kaepernick has is some back up opportunities and I don’t know what the media will do, but there will be a bunch of noise about starting Kaepernick just like when Tim Tebow was in the league.

So if the team’s owner isn’t afraid of the media circus that might happen, they might be afraid of what their fan bases might think, especially if the team is located in a southern state or a state which has had racial tensions before. Like the Dallas Cowboys or the Carolina Panthers, because you know how social media is, if ten cranky old whites protest outside of Jerry’s world (Dallas Cowboys stadium), the whole world will over react instead of just ignoring them as if ten people will make the NFL go bankrupt.

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