Delta College softball comes out swinging

By Joe Thornton, editor-in-chief.

The Delta College softball team has been able to get into the swing of things early, starting the season 15-6 and beginning their conference play with a 6-0 record after beating Henry Ford four times and Alpena twice. This Delta College softball team has shown already that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

The success can be attributed to the team’s ability to adapt quickly and build camaraderie with one another, according to their head coach Drew Ornelas.

“This team has just gelled really quickly. […] We play as a family and work hard to win. We’re a family, and with everyone being close it helps us perform better on the field” says Ornelas.

And it’s been important for this team to adapt quickly. With only 13 players on the roster, many of which are freshmen, being close off the field is really beneficial to develop synergy.

Luckily, this team has been able to rely on not only their coaching staff, but also leadership on the team through returning players, especially captain Kaylie Scott.

“Coming back from last year, we have five returning sophomores, and we have really stuck together. None of us want to end the way we did last year, and that fuels us to keep going and keep everyone together,” explained Scott.

So far, the team has gotten off to a better start than they did last year. While there were concerns of getting off to a similar 0-6 start, those worries melted away after their first win. Although they’ve suffered six losses on the year, they’ve managed to paired them with 15 wins making the overall record 15-6.

Along with the sophomore leadership on the team, the freshmen know their role in the system. Freshman Alison Robbins, a graduate from Bay City Western, knows that her role on the team is to motivate those around her and not let them lose sight of their goals.

“I’m nice to everyone and I want everyone to do good. I encourage people a lot and I want to win. I want to go to nationals so to get other people on the team in that mindset is what I’m best at,” says Robbins.

Apparently, the encouragement has been working well for the Lady Pioneers, shown by their winning record. However, the most impressive statistic comes from the hot bats of Delta’s players. The run support they’ve been able to obtain in these victories is astounding, scoring no less than six runs throughout their conference games this season.

When looking closer at the team’s offense, it shows the true team nature of softball. Overall, the team has a batting average of .369, and are really seeing the pitches well as they come to the plate. Freshman Kelsie Dilts is already contributing substantially, leading the team with a batting average of .524 and 33 hits.

It’s easy to see through their focus in practice and in games that this team is determined to perform well. The Lady Pioneers have high aspirations, and are ready to show the world that they aren’t going to be taken lightly. Right now, they are aiming for a national title and will settle for nothing less. For information about the Delta College softball team including a roster or schedule for their games, head to

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