Delta College softball sweeps Alpena in doubleheader

By: Joe Thornton, reporter

Women's Softball - April 13
On the cold and windy afternoon of April 13, the Delta College softball team stepped up to the plate in a two-game series against Alpena Community College. The team withstood the cold and performed dominantly, especially on the offensive side of the ball. In the first game, battling against the cold weather, Madison Gentry took to the mound to pitch for her team. She was able to finish the game, giving up only four runs as the Lady Pioneers steamed ahead to finish the game 13-4.

Unfortunately, in their second game, pitcher Kalen Tchorzynski was facing sporadic rainfall throughout her performance. Regardless of the elements, there was little worry as the Lady Pioneers managed to rack up 16 runs in their game.The score finished 16-8, giving the Pioneers the sweep and two wins on the day.

These wins put the Delta College softball team at 13-9 for their overall record and 7-1 for their conference record.

Gentry understands how essential it is to overcome the elements in cold, rainy games such as these.

“It sucks on both sides of the ball. Your hands are cold, you can’t feel your fingers and your cleats weigh a ton because of the rain, but the only way to get the win is to play through it” explains Gentry.

Her accompanying pitcher Tchorzynski understood her struggles, as well as the difficulty of playing a full game on both sides of the ball.

“It’s definitely hard to focus on both offense and defense. You have to be able to quickly switch gears and deal with double the pressure to help your team. In the end, all that matters is how much you can help the team and getting the win,” says Tchorzynski.

These two pitchers are not only keeping their run count low, they are also two of the most powerful hitters on the team. Their performance, among others, was part of the team effort to secure these wins and was indicative of the potential this team has to move onward and upward.

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