Early November snowstorm foreshadows winter to come

The courtyard on Delta’s main campus was covered in a white blanket on Delta’s first snow day, Mon. Nov. 11. (Maddie Fordos/Photographer)

By Haeley Huggard, reporter.

Winter has had an early start this year!

On Monday, Nov. 11, Delta College closed its doors early and sent students home to wait out the snowstorm. Having continuous snow fall since 4 a.m., Delta students were forced to cease their campus activities, such as Change Your World Week.

“There was definitely a bit of disappointment that we didn’t get to finish up a whole day, but with road conditions being what they are, it’s good for the students to stay safe,” said Jacob Szymanski, Delta student and current Change Your World Week participant.

Students were not the only ones feeling snow-shocked; many of the staff members were also surprised to be heading home early.

“It caught us a little off guard because it came earlier than usual,” says Robert Battinkoff, director of public safety.

The decision to close the college currently rests upon the president, Jean Goodnow, who consults with the facilities director, vice president and other staff as needed.

The criteria for determining a snow day is based off of determining if the main roads leading to the campus are clear or not, the current weather reports that track the storm, the driving conditions and parking on campus, and the condition of heat and other utilities at the college.

“This seems early to have a snow day at Delta when it typically takes a lot for Delta to close,” says Lisa Lawrason, political science professor.

Efforts are made by the college staff to decide on closing the college, prior to 6 a.m. for day classes and 3:30 p.m. for evening classes.

The courtyard on Delta’s main campus was covered in a white blanket on Delta’s first snow day, Mon. Nov. 11. (Maddie Fordos/Photographer)

“I will probably study to be honest and catch up on classes and make sure that all my stuff is in order for my next class,” Szymanski said before heading for home.

For future snow days, which are likely to happen later in the winter season, driving slower can help reduce anxious feelings when dealing with hazardous driving conditions. If possible, drivers are encouraged to avoid going out all together during these adverse weather conditions, to greatly reduce the risk of driving incidents.

“Give yourself extra time, be especially careful when stopping, starting out at curbs and bridges those are always the dangerous spots,” Battinkoff explained.

To receive notifications about weather, drills and other emergencies via mobile phone, text DELTAEMG to 888777. This is free to do and allows you to get updates whenever something happens on campus.

You can also tune into Delta’s broadcast stations, WDCQ-TV channel 19 or WUCX 90.1 FM, or any other major television or radio stations, because they will be notified of school closings as well.

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