Fantasy Football Countdown: The playoffs approach

Illustration by Lindsay Lang

By Kelvin Butler, reporter.


With the playoffs approaching, and while most of the top teams don’t care, there is still hope for a low seed to come up and win the whole league.

With most of the undefeated teams, or one or two lost players being on good teams, you would assume the last few NFL weeks are ideal time for coaches to rest their better players on their team.

The fantasy football playoffs should be really fair, knowing how the best players are Tom Brady, Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Wataon I can bet if they lock up a spot in the playoffs, they will be seeing a lot of bench the last couple of games.

You can surely know that practice will go for the other positions like running back, receiver and tight end. So the players on the fringe teams will be a safer bet, knowing that their best players will be playing.

So focus on the teams who are in the hunt and make sure to keep a watch on those teams’ players, and if you got a team who you know will rest, try to get their back ups or just prey you pick up a lot of boom or bust players. And that’s the fantasy football guide to the playoffs. Godspeed!

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