Fantasy Football Countdown: These five teams are the talk of the town

By Kelvin Butler, reporter.

New England Patriots – These guys have three players in the top 100. All of them are monsters, starting with their defense who is ahead of every other defense by a whopping 70 points. Then there’s Tom Brady, who is a top ten in the fantasy quarterback. Top it off with Julian Edelman, who is a top ten fantasy wide receiver.

Minnesota Vikings – Kirk Cousins is a top ten quarterback in fantasy, due to his two top twenty wide receivers in Adam Theilen and Steffin Diggs. Also, their running back Dalvin Cook is the #2 in fantasy.

San Francisco 49ers – Outside of George Kittle, their team is pretty mediocre with their other Fantasy options being in the lower half of the top-100 performing players. However, they have the most players on the list with six, so that’s why they’re here.

Los Angeles Rams – Honestly, the Jared Goff to Cooper Kupp connection is why the Rams are on this list. Jared Goff isn’t amazing, but he throws the ball 40 plus times with his top five wide receiver Cooper Kupp getting at least 25% of those passes thrown his way.

New Orleans Saints – The Saints is a fantasy football machine, with Alvin Kamara being hurt, then Latavious Murray comes in and go off for two straight weeks. Then Drew Brees and Teddy Bridgewater did pretty good in their respective starts.

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