Frustrated Fan: LeBron drowns in hate from Lakers fans

Illustration by Maia Wiederhold.

By Joe Thornton, editor-in-chief.

Dear Lakers Fans,

Another year in the books for all of you, and not even a playoff berth to show for it. Yikes. As a Pistons fan, I can relate a little bit to your pain. Both of our teams have been somewhat stagnant for the last couple years.

But the reason I feel bad for Lakers fans is that expectations must have been at an all-time high. You have the best player in basketball coming to your team in LeBron James, you’re acquiring other free agents and developing young talent. After what LeBron was able to do in Cleveland, everyone just saw him as the messiah who could lead any team to the NBA Finals. As we saw this year, that is not the case

When you’re coming to a team with the nickname “The Lake Show,” you have to be ready to make a splash instantly. But let’s keep in mind, there is more at play here than just the things with LeBron that caused this team to disappoint.

First off, this was a team that was plagued with injury for the entirety of the year. Lonzo Ball needs to drink more milk, because his bones could not withstand anything on the court. Additionally, Brandon Ingram’s injuries led to inexperienced players having to come in and contribute much more than they were ready for.

However, even considering all of this, LeBron deserves a fair share of the blame. He didn’t take this offseason as seriously as he should have and that was shown early in the offseason. A fair share, though — not the amount that he’s getting currently.

All Lakers fans have to just trust in your management though. Hope they’ll get someone who can actually make a three-point shot instead of riding the bench the entire season because of injury.

Trust the process,
A Frustrated Fan

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