I ditched my bra for a week and I’m starting to love myself

By Josie Norris, editor-in-chief.

I have a weird relationship with my boobs. There, I said it. I go from loving my flat chest to feeling inadequate as a woman with my 34A breasts.

Earlier this fall when a campaigning Donald Trump said, “It’s very hard for a flat-chested woman to be a 10,” it hit me hard.

The utter audacity of a person to tell me that it was hard for me to an attractive person because of the size of an organ on my body. Not my smile, my brains, my heart nor my butt – my boobs. Society has a strange fascination with them and seems to tell women that they are one of the only ways women can be attractive.

The idea for this came to me one day when I adamantly felt like not wearing a bra for the first time ever. I saw this as a way to express my body and to become better buddies with my bosom. I’ve done some research on how going braless can be good for “the girls,” as some call them, but I really wanted this week to be about me and my outlook on them and it was just that.

Day 1

I decide to start the experiment with going sans bra with a blouse. However, I keep fidgeting with the sweater because I was afraid a co-worker would look at me uncomfortably if they saw a pointy boob while I was leading a meeting, as if I was afraid my nipples would be a distraction and take away from my leadership abilities.

I think this week will be weirder for me than it will be for people around me. To be real, they probably won’t even notice. Because I have always been told was a necessity, going without makes me feel naked and exposed.

Day 2

I’m going for layered look with a tank top under my sweater and the sweatshirt on top of that, so my lack of bra doesn’t seem too apparent. Still feeling slightly naked today, but I feel feminist-y and almost unapologetic, like women who grow out their leg and armpit hair– hats off to you, ladies! I feel like not wearing a bra goes into that category of women who embrace their natural bodies. Maybe on day 7 I will find the guts to let my nipples make a visible appearance to the world. We’ll see.

Day 3

Today I am not so mindful of the fact I was braless. My shirt is clinging to my tank top, so I am more concerned with my belly pooch – real or imaginary – to be fidgeting too much with my shirt.

Day 4

Today is the first day I exercised without a bra and actually didn’t feel a difference. I ran for half an hour and felt gazelle-like, but didn’t feel like I was bouncing around. Maybe it was because I was more focused on not dying while I ran.

Day 5

I Partied sans bra tonight and danced like crazy and someone was utterly shocked when they accidently brushed against one of my nipples – why is that so shocking? – and I had a hard time being apologetic. Why should I apologize for my body?

Day 6

Day six and I still seem to worry about what people think if they notice if I don’t have a bra on at school. This challenge feels like it’s tied to the modesty that was taught to me growing up that focused on the outward appearance of women and not their heart. It is problematic because it puts the responsibility on the female not to distract instead of on everyone else who is staring.

Day 7

I did it. I almost ran out of camisoles to wear to help guard my nipples, so I’m glad this week is over. I can’t say I’ve noticed a huge difference in perkiness or elasticity like the articles said would happen. And to be real, I’ll probably go back to wearing my favorite bra tomorrow. However, after this week I feel like I am more okay with who I am and that is exactly what I hoped would happen.

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