Invest for a better lifetime

By Kelly Winters, multimedia journalist.

Most people spend their entire lives worrying about how they are going to pay for college and inevitably get through their student loans. Some of those who aren’t faced with this worry have made the bold decision that a four year degree just simply is not for them. Others are trust fund babies.

As an aspiring college grad, students start applying for scholarships as early as their junior year of high school to start to chip away and the tremendous amount of debt that they see in their future. Others will try to take an overall cheaper route by attending community college for two years before even applying to a four year school.

No matter the case, the expense of a college degree is always worth it.

I’m not saying that if you want to pursue a job in skilled trades that you shouldn’t. But if you picture yourself living the dream with a job that requires a college degree, the bill at the beginning of each semester shouldn’t get in the way of that.

When rolling this topic around in my head, a lot of cliche sayings come to mind: “It’s an investment in your future” and “You have to spend money to make money.” Yes, they are things said by the people persuading us to sign out loan agreements. But, they are all absolutely true.

I fear that a lot of students today look at their parents and grandparents living with a successful life without a story of college education and think they will be guaranteed the same opportunities that they were. For some fields, the best option is to get your feet wet in the practice instead of attending college. However, this supply is far lower than the demand.

Today, the working world is far too competitive to be without a plan and some material to market yourself with. Yes, some people see a $55,000 tuition bill as a burden. But I see it as an investment towards a better chance of being employed in a job that both pays well, offers worthwhile benefits and make me happy. According to the Association of Public & Land-Grant Universities, an individual with a bachelor’s degree is 47% more likely to land a job that offers health insurance than those with high school diplomas. Without that investment, you’re at risk of losing those perks.

I am not trying to write a glorified ad for big universities or loan companies. However, I am trying to make the case that people shouldn’t see debt as a make or break factor when it comes to a good education. Furthering yourself is worth the price!

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