Making the Great Lakes great again

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By Kelly Winters, multimedia journalist.

On Thursday, March 28, thousands of supporters of U.S. president Donald Trump rallied to hear him speak about some of the issues that America is currently facing. Even though the majority of the event was focused on the greater good of America as a whole, he did have some things to say about problems that are specific to Michigan.

In particular, he demonstrated a great deal of concern toward the Great Lakes, for which he promised to secure $300 million to go towards clean up and restoration.

Many people are up in arms, saying this this is another one of Trump’s “fake” promises. However, I think that the conversation shouldn’t be around whether he is going to do it or not, but the effect it has on the environment.

As stated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Great Lakes are “the largest surface fresh water system on the Earth.” I believe that the Great Lakes should be treated as such.

According to Science Daily, 22 million pounds of plastic waste are dumped into the Great Lakes annually.

Personally, I don’t see this as a proper thank you to give to five of the most iconic lakes on on planet Earth.

Even though Michiganders should be happy about this project being put into action, many are up in arms accusing Donald Trump of empty promises. Rather than focusing on negatives, we need to look at the positives. Whether the Great Lakes get restored or not, a lot of attention and press are being aimed on a the important issue — the Great Lakes need saving!

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