Menstrual cups: Saving your ham wallet

By: Haley Gray, reporter

Almost every women you come into contact with has a monthly period, most start their monthly cycle around the age of 13 and have them for 3 to 7 days every month until they’re in their 50s. Some women don’t have periods due to birth control or medical reasons, about 70 percent of women who do have periods use tampons, which anyone can agree are just annoying, inconvenient cotton balls soaked in bleach that are shoved up a woman’s vagina staying there for several hours of pure awkwardness.

Take out the tampon too soon and it’s painful, wait too long a woman can either bleed through her underwear or, worst case scenario, they can have toxic shock syndrome.

As a woman, for months I kept running into the issue where I would start my period then not have time to buy tampons before work, either having to ask every co-worker for one or race to the gas station beforehand, having to buy the worst kind of overpriced tampons for $20. This happened to me every month for far too long until one day I said enough finally buying a menstrual cup.

I had heard about them before from my hippie aunt who made me believe it was some new trend, then my best friend got one praising it was the best decision regarding her menstrual cycle she has ever made. I can concur in every way possible they were both right, for women who have periods menstrual cups are the way to go. They come in shapes and sizes one for any kind of vagina, the diva cup seems to be the most popular style yet.

I bought mine off amazon realizing these aren’t typically sold in stores thus finding there are dozens of other brands and styles with different shapes and sizes for any woman. You put it in in the morning of your period, sometimes you have to adjust it a bit to where it’s the most comfortable with no way for leakage, letting you continue with your day full of no worries.

I put it in when I start my  period, empty it out in the morning rinsing it with cold water popping it back in then do that again at night before bed or at any time that fits my schedule.

Menstrual cups are wonderful because for once in my life I don’t feel inconvenienced by my period, with the cup being reusable it’s a one time buy as well saving over 100$ a year. At the end of my period too, I just boil it for three minutes in water then put it back in this cute little bag it came in putting it away somewhere until I need it again. There’s also special soap women can buy for their cups, both ways work.

Some women don’t feel comfortable using the cups, to each their own I say. I urge all women with vaginas however to give it a try. It’s comfortable, it’s easy, truly is wonderful to finally have periods with no worries then at the end of a cycle there’s a feeling of freshness like my vagina did a true cleanse riding itself of all bad toxins. Tampons bring in bleach and other chemicals to soak up a woman’s period blood,  menstrual cups allow a woman’s body to follow the flow the way they’re meant to without disrupting daily life finally giving women more natural periods that they deserve.

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