[Movie review] ‘Angels’ fall for reboots and remakes

Illustration by Lindsay Lang.

By Samuel Philpot, Associate Editor

In recent years, many movies have fallen prey to being rebooted, including “Ghostbusters,” “Pet Sematary” and “Hellboy.” Now, remakes sometimes make the cut as far as visuals, since CGI has come a long way and far more can be accomplished. However, does every movie need to be remade?

“Charlie’s Angels” is just another victim to the reboot era.

One thing that this reboot did that I rather enjoyed was, instead of trying to ignore the past movies and TV shows, it actually embraced them. Through a montage of pictures of Patrick Stewert’s Bosley in his earlier years, we saw all the old Angels.

This movie did provide a solid explanation for how the Bosley system works, as well as the Angels lore in general. It’s made apparent that Bosley is a rank, rather than a name, and taking from Bond, it’s number based. For instance, Patrick Stewart’s Bosley was 001.

Though this movie provided well in building up the world of ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ it couldn’t escape from the classic action movie tropes. From horse race betting to car chases to the double agent story, it utilized almost every trope it could.

The story itself was just a bland revenge tale with some tech talk in order to pull attention away from who could really be trying to take over the world. All the while Kristen Stewart’s character, Sabina, is trying way too hard to make quick, quirky comments that they try to pass off as humor.

The movie barely tried with any form of love story. Although I don’t believe every story should have one in it, it still tried to implement one through weird, happenstance interactions between Jane and Langston that really just didn’t make sense unless one believes in love at first sight.

Overall, the movie was fast paced, and if all you need are action sequences to fill the time, then this movie will do just that. But don’t expect much originality from the story.

Here’s a fun little snippet: as the credits were rolling, the film provided a bunch of barrage cameos, featuring stars like Danica Patrick, Ronda Rousey, Laverne Cox and more. It was a fun game to try to catch each one they showed, and see how an Angel has to train.

So no, I don’t think every movie needs to be remade. If you’re a fan of the older “Charlie’s Angels” stories, then you’ll still probably enjoy this one. Though if you’re not, then maybe don’t let Hollywood believe remakes are a necessity by going to see this show.

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