Omoni Boutique open for business in Old Town

By Josie Norris, editor-in-chief.
Omoni Boutique opens in Old Town Saginaw
SAGINAW– Old Town Saginaw has recently welcomed the addition of Omoni Boutique to the neighborhood and owner Jessica Hill is excited to make her mark on Saginaw with the boutique.

“I love Saginaw, I knew we were here forever, and I am a huge believer in if you’re going to live someplace… let’s make it what we can,” Hill explained.

Hill, a 33-year-old wife and mother of a two-year-old, is now also the owner of Omoni Boutique. Hill grew up in Saginaw and moved back to Saginaw recently. Hill realized that she wanted to grow roots in her hometown and peruse a long time dream of owning her own fashion boutique.

Hill was eating dinner at Pasong’s in Old Town one night and walked past the space that is now home to Omoni and saw that it was available and she knew Old Town was where she wanted her boutique to be.

“I liked the vibe down here. It kind of gives a historical but it’s busy, so like a downtown city vibe,” Hill said. “It’s the vibe we want.”

Hill was also encouraged by the businesses popping up in the area and said, “I just feel this area has a lot more potential versus going out to (Saginaw Township).”

In October 2016, Omoni Boutique opened its doors and was met with a positive response from the community. The holidays were very busy for Hill and she receives a lot of feedback from the customers.

The boutique’s name comes from the Korean word for mother, “omoni.” This is a personal connection for Hill as she was adopted from Seoul, South Korea when she was five. Her adopted mother recently passed and for Hill it was difficult period. Her time was preoccupied with caring for her newborn son while suffering the loss of her mother. She then realized she wanted to do something with her passions “because that’s what my mom would’ve wanted” Hill shares.

“It was a no-brainer that I wanted to include her memory in someway in what I peruse,” Hill explained.

And so, the boutique was named “omoni” in honor of her mother.

Hill describes the style and feel of the pieces as “casual, upscale, and glamorous.” Hanging on the racks in the boutique is mix of styles and are aimed to appeal to a range of ages.  

The pieces in the shop range from $25 to around $150. Even though the prices are a bit more than some stores in the mall it’s important for Hill to provide customers with quality and well made pieces.

Another big thing Hill looks for as she selects pieces for Omoni is the fit.

“Flattering is my number one thing,” Hill says.

“I think we (women) get too caught up in the sizing- but really it’s the fit,” she went on to say, “Just look in the mirror and see how it complements your body.”

Omoni Boutique has a strong online presence and up to date website that allows customers to check what pieces are available in store and if their size is in stock. The website also allows customers to order pieces from Omoni without even leaving their home.

As a new business owner, Hill is finding a rhythm and is looking forward to events that she is beginning to plan for summer. Meanwhile, Hill is excited about active in the Saginaw community.

“I want Old Town to be successful and Saginaw to be successful because (me and my family) are here,” she says.

“Once you decide that someplace is your home… I’m like ‘this is my home, let’s make it.’ I want to be a part of the community… Being a part of the community is the only way to live in a place,” Hill concluded.

The Omoni Boutique is located at 108 N. Michigan in Old Town Saginaw and open Tuesday through Friday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  They can be found on Facebook and Instagram as well as their website

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