Our View: Hallmark holidays are a waste of time

Hallmark holidays are pointless and attempt to bring meaning to the everyday, mundane lives we lead. We at the Collegiate think of these holidays as ways for businesses to make money and as forcing people to celebrate something that only has meaning to a certain group of people. Moreover, some of these holidays are redundant and unnecessary.

The start of Hallmark holidays can be discovered through their name alone. Which, in turn, makes it obvious why we have these made-up celebrations. Hallmark has not been personally responsible for the start of these holidays, yet they are not afraid to make a quick buck off of them either. For instance, calendar365.com says that Sweetest Day is only observed in 11 states. The first Sweetest Day was in the early 1920s and Hallmark didn’t begin making cards for this day until the mid 1960s. However, as soon as it was profitable, the company jumped on marketing for it. Didn’t someone already invent a holiday to show love?

Another problem with these holidays is how they seem to venerate facts we don’t care about. An example of this type of holiday is Belly Laugh Day, held on January 24. As you may have guessed, this day is dedicated to remembering to laugh. For what reason? To remember the benefits of laughing. Yes, we get it, but still we don’t need a day to appreciate this. It would make more sense to simply look up what the benefits are for yourself.

What is also annoying is the fact that these little celebrations are so unknown that no one even remembers them unless they have time and nothing to do. There are way more important things to focus on, like your wedding anniversary or the day a loved one was laid to rest. We say if a person wants to honor something that’s important to them, that’s fine, but don’t drag everyone else along for the ride.

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