Perspectives: is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

Pumpkin spice: the worst tradition this season has to offer

By Kelly Winters, multimedia reporter.

It’s that time of year again. Temperatures are dropping almost as fast as our spirits. To cope with this, some of us take a trip to the Halloween store, or perhaps a local pumpkin farm. We kick back with a glass of apple cider in one hand and a perfectly-paired cider doughnut in the other.

This was a wholesome tradition shared by many… until the millennials got ahold of it. Now, as soon as the vernal equinox hits, every girl and their mother dusts off their fresh pair of Uggs and marches in them proudly straight to their nearest Starbucks to get their first pumpkin spice latté of the season. This is a highly-anticipated moment to many, but it is even worth it?

First and foremost, I’d like to point out that a pumpkin spice latté has almost double the amount of calories (380) as a normal latté. So even if you get past their unusually awful taste, I don’t think your waist line will be as forgiving as your taste buds.

But hey, I’ll give any pumpkin spice latté drinker the benefit of the doubt and assume that there might be a small chance that they’re subbing out a meal or budgeting their calories just to get their fix in.

What I can’t get over is the smell! When it comes to a pumpkin spice candles, all I can wonder is why someone would want constantly smell the inside of a hot pumpkin. I’m all for a warm, fuzzy scent. But not when it’s the smell of pumpkin guts!

The memory of one of my favorite childhood snacks, the Oreo, was ruined the day I saw them being offered in a pumpkin spice flavor — and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I believe that we need to put a stop to the complete and utter anarchy that pumpkin spice has become! So many pure and innocent products have been tainted by a pumpkin spice alternative form that has arisen from the deepest and darkest depths of the Earth to haunt us all!

Let me just say that the spookiest part of the season for me will be living in fear of another one of my childhood favorites crossing the ungodly threshold and sporting a pumpkin spice flavor. Please make the world a better place by stopping the spread of pumpkin spice today!

Pumpkin spice: “spice up your life”

By Ryan Reichard, reporter.

Yes, the Spice Girls said it best when they said, “Spice up your life”. But I say pumpkin spice up your life. It’s officially fall as of Sept. 1. Well… technically, not “officially”; however, it is the day many of our favorite chain restaurants and coffee places begin selling their iconic drink that has Ugg boots everywhere shaking. That drink would be the pumpkin spice latté.

This classic version of a pumpkin pie in coffee from has sent many scattering to drive thru windows before the leaves change and for good reason.

Pumpkin spice is one of those flavors you hate to love. Many have such disdain for this misunderstood drink simply because many more adore it. They dislike it for its popularity and not for the product in general. If they tasted a pumpkin spice beverage, then they would understand the popularity.

Pumpkin spice’s taste sets it apart from its competitors. A little slice of pumpkin pie in your coffee… what’s not to like? Warm or cold, both versions are delightful. The warm version offers an experience similar to a piece of pie fresh from the oven. Perfectly paired with chilled whipped cream, it’s sensational.

The cold version offers pleasures in its own way. Blended with ice to cool you down on those warm early fall days and whipped cream to top it off. The best part comes when they add tiny crumpled bits of pie to the top of the drink. One taste of them with the drink and you’ll be wearing a jack-o-lantern and becoming an internet sensation.

Pumpkin spice is a seasonal staple. To deny pumpkin spice is to deny eggnog during the Christmas season, shamrock shakes during March, or hot dogs on the Fourth of July. You can’t claim to enjoy fall and dislike pumpkin spice when the two are synonymous with each other.

While the U.K. has the Spice Girls, here in America we have pumpkin spice. Clearly, we won this one. So, this season join me with your Uggs and Starbucks cards. Let’s spice up this season with some pumpkin spice. Because what’s more American than that? Certainly not the Spice Girls.

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