PERSPECTIVES: Should we be coffee achievers or tea purists?

Coffee has always “bean” better than tea
By Ryan Reichard, staff reporter.

Ah… coffee. The fuel of mankind. Also known as java, nature’s brew and go juice, there’s a reason why we have so many names for this beverage. It is because coffee is woven into the fabric of society. It is inescapable and has a shop on every corner in most major cities across the globe. However, there is an intruder threatening to take some of the land coffee has rightfully claimed. That intruder would be tea. While tea is gaining popularity, coffee is obviously still the superior drink.

Tea is simply hot water with leaves infused into it. Sounds gross, right? When I sit down to have a hot beverage (or cold one) I don’t want to drink warm plant water. That’s disgusting! Coffee comes from beans that are ground up and (while both come from plants) coffee has a flavor to it. Tea tastes like you are drinking warm water and nothing else. Part of drinking something is to have a taste and tea clearly does not have any taste to it.

Coffee is more versatile than tea is. Coffee comes in a variety of types and flavors. But here is where coffee really tops tea. In terms of uniqueness, you can make art out of coffee. Baristas in several spots are taught to make different designs and patterns into the tasty beverage. Not only does it appeal to your taste buds but also your eyes.

Those of you who are into showing off on the ‘Gram know that coffee is perfect for photo ops. It is simply more stylish than dirty leaf water is. The cups from most major companies are sleek and fashionable. In addition, your coffee with art infused into it is perfect for social media. The designs offer treats for your eyes and desire in the eyes of your followers.

Going for coffee with other adults is a milestone in many people’s lives. It is a rite of passage from childhood to sleep-deprived adult. However, coffee is a way for people to socialize and to establish connections. People often chat over coffee and get to know each other better. People get invited to coffee and not tea. This is not England — this is America, we drink coffee here.

The aroma of coffee is one that will put you into another dimension. Coffee has such a pleasant scent that it has inspired several fragrances and candles. You can go to any candle store and find a coffee scented candle because the scent is desired by many. You won’t be able to find a tea scented candle anywhere. Who would want one anyway? It would simply smell like boiling water. If I wanted that I would go boil some water myself and have the scent fill my house.

America — it is time we take a lesson from the past. Tea only belongs one place and that’s in the harbor. Coffee has always bean better than tea and it always will be.

Spilling the tea on why tea is better than coffee
By Kelly Winters, multimedia reporter.

Picture this: it’s a snowy winter day, classes have been canceled and the only thing on your agenda is to cook yourself with your heating blanket while watching reruns of The Office. You reach other to grab your mug, filled to the brim of your favorite herbal tea. What could be more relaxing than this? Certainly not the unwanted presence off over-caffeinated bean water, which some of us know as coffee.

Coffee has been taking the world by storm. A storm that is comparable to a Category 5 hurricane demolishing everything in its path. The popularization of coffee in today’s society is the brink of the end of humanity as we know it. Coffee culture does one thing and one thing only: it promotes addiction to a drug none other than caffeine. But there is a silver lining, there is still home for humanity. There is a drink that can save us from crippling caffeine addictions. A drink that we all know and love — tea.

For those that have no type: tea is just the drink for you. Yes, coffee is known to be served in different variants (that all taste the same). But where can you go wrong with such a wide assortment including: green, herbal, black, oolong, white and yellow. Seriously — where can you go wrong?

Some people may argue that tea isn’t anything more than some dried up leaves soaked in water. Yes, this may be true. However, it’s all natural and a simple delicacy. Your average tea drinker can usually be found enjoying a nice cup of undiluted tea. Meanwhile, your typical coffee drinker adds copious amounts of creamer and sugar to their bean-infused caffeine water. With this being said, tea is by far the superior to coffee, since it can be enjoyed by the majority of the general public in its natural state.

When is the last time you saw someone order a tea with extra additives and artificial flavorings? Can’t say I recall ever seeing this. However, most of us could fill a memoir with the amount of flavor combinations pushed on to us by comercial coffee shops to make their bean-based beverages more palatable. Some people say that this makes coffee more “versatile”. Pshhhhh. More like, “Unflavorful and unliked on its own”.

When it comes to flexing your favorite drinks on your Instagram, tea is truly the way to go. What’s better? Showing off a freshly homebrewed tea that was made in the comfort of your own home or a plastic cup featuring a double-tailed mermaid containing any sort of coffee flavoring that a stranger threw together for you. Please. Spare me agony and potential headache after my eyeballs do a double backflip in my head and keep your commercial brew off of my timeline. Just looking at these pictures fill my nostrils with the smell of corporate greed.

Enough is enough. We need to band together as a society and take matters into our own hands. We need to end this phenomenon surrounding coffee and turn to the healthier alternative; tea.

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