PERSPECTIVES: What’s for breakfast, waffles or pancakes?

Illustration by Maia Wiederhold.

Waffles beat pancakes, pans down
By Kelly Winters, multimedia reporter.

Normally, I’m not one to make any New Year’s resolutions. However, I feel as if I need to start 2019 by doing the word “resolution” some justice! And this justice will be served on a ceramic plate next to a side of piping hot, over-hard eggs. This year, I will be paying my dues to society by fighting a very important battle. The battle of the superior breakfast food. Yes, I am here to spread the good word. The reasons as to why waffles are far better than any pancake that ever flipped its way onto a table for breakfast.

First and foremost, let’s address the obvious. Yes, pancakes and waffles are essentially made out of the same ingredients and both can have extra things added to them. But that doesn’t mean that they’re completely the same.

First of all, take into account preparation. Waffles take the cake. Any breakfast expert knows that waffles are the way to go because they are low maintenance. All you have to do is pull out the ol’ waffle iron and pour your batter in. Once it’s in, close the lid, then set it and forget it! Well… forget it only for a few minutes, because waffles are a fairly time-efficient breakfast to make. Even though a waffle doesn’t take too much time to cook, those few minutes can be used to fry the perfect egg as an appropriate side dish to a beautiful, golden-brown, fluffy waffle.

Pancakes on the other hand are very high maintenance. Before even touching the batter, you better make sure your stove is set to the correct temperature. A temperature that I — for sure — haven’t figured out yet. And once you’ve made your educated guess (or shot in the dark), be sure to pour carefully so that your pancakes come out the right size!

Preparation aside, waffles are still far superior when it comes to eating them. What’s better? A waffle thats light and fluffy, yet somehow manages to have crispy edges? Or, a pancake that’s dense and sits in your belly like a rock? Waffles will keep you satisfied enough to conquer your day, yet somehow always keep you wanting more. However, pancakes make you want to crawl right back into bed and ignore all of your responsibilities. Waffles are the breakfast food of champions.

When I sit down to enjoy my breakfast, I like a dish that will not only fill me up but also provides a little bit of practicality. A waffle’s defining feature is its beautiful, square-shaped pockets perfect for holding the exact amount of syrup needed to complement it. Unlike pancakes, waffles never get soggy. They don’t let syrup flow freely around one’s plate. They corral it into one spot to ensure a crisp bite every time.

I don’t know about everyone, but if I’m going to eat a carb-heavy breakfast, I’m going to get the very most out of those carbs and choose to eat waffles over pancakes!

Illustration by Maia Wiederhold.

Pancakes are way batter than waffles
By Ryan Reichard, reporter.

We’ve all been there. You get up in the morning and scrounge through the cupboards looking for something — anything — to eat. Eventually, you find that box of Bisquick. But now you are left with the most difficult breakfast decision: pancakes or waffles?

Pancakes are the best breakfast to make after crawling out of bed running on a couple hours of sleep. They are simple and only require a few ingredients to make. Cleaning up after having pancakes is easy, because they do not require a special pan to make. Waffles have to be made in a special waffle maker that is difficult to clean out. You have to try to get into all of the canyons and grooves with a towel, and if you didn’t spray enough cooking spray, then chunks of batter stay in there. With pancakes, it’s easy. They can either be made in a fry pan or a skillet — both of which are flat surfaces that can be cleaned off in one swipe and come in nonstick varieties to avoid that pesky batter staying there.

In addition, you can add different foods into the pancakes such as: chocolate chips, blueberries and bananas. But what makes pancakes stand out in variety is that you can stuff them with different breakfast items. Want sausage with your pancakes? No problem. Just wrap your pancake around the sausage and there you go! The perfect balance of sweet and salty. Pancake also require less syrup than waffles do. Waffles get the syrup stuck in their little ridges and can easily become too sweet to bite if it piles up. The syrup instead spreads evenly over the pancakes since their surface is flat. The excess syrup drains off, allowing for a sweet bite, but not too sweet. When it comes to butter, you already know how pancakes stack against the competition. Similar to the syrup problem, butter gets caught in the ridges of the waffle instead of being spread over them easily, like on a pancake. Instead, when buttering a waffle, the experience is so bumpy it’s like buttering a Michigan road.

Additionally, pancakes come in a variety of fun, entertaining names. Unlike the boring waffle the pancake can be called the flapjack. Moreover, there are some hotcakes, and someone tell Johnny he has some cakes named after him. Believe me — if you enjoy making money you’ll love these stacks. Essentially, pancakes are a chameleon with names. They are all different, but the meaning is still the same and that meaning is code for better than waffles.

So, the next time you’re looking for something to eat, look no further than pancakes. They are way batter than waffles.

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