[Photo Flashback] Cuddly Collegiate

By Rebecca Roberts, photo editor.

We at the Collegiate hope you are having a relaxing and restorative break between semesters. I, for one, have been quite busy but I am planning a night infused with the vibe of this photograph — cuddled up with some literature and a furry friend.

This adorable print of a cat surrounded by vintage issues of the Collegiate is my new favorite photo! I wish there was some information attached to this print, like what year or what issue of the Collegiate is pictured, but we can only speculate at this point.

I wonder what this feline’s name is, and what column was their favorite to paw at. What would you have named this cutie? Let us know @DeltaCollegiate

We at the Collegiate love cats and have an ongoing joke about begging our associate editor for permission to have a newsroom pet! Perhaps this furry guy could serve as our new mascot.

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