Photo Flashback: Grab your gloves, we’re making a snowman!

By Rebecca Roberts, photo editor.

As we have just witnessed the first snow showers of the year, it seems evident that the cold weather is here to stay. I know what you’re thinking… Yes, the cold can be dreary and require extra effort to be put into our skin care routines, but taking advantage of the season yields great reward.

There is no year indicated on this print we found in the Collegiate’s extensive photo archives, but even as times change in certain aspects, finding the joy of the seasons’ offerings will never be out of style. These Delta students took advantage of the spoils of the snow and their time between classes to make a snowman! Brian Michalski, Cindy Chant and Michelle Magsia (from left to right) have probably graduated from Delta by now, but their spirit of fun lives on through this memory captured in a photo.

Did you enjoy the recent snowfall? Send in your photos of snowmen, snowflakes, all things ‘winter’ to be featured on our Instagram @DeltaCollegiate and be sure to tune in for the next Photo Flashback to continue to explore how much we have in common with the past students of Delta.

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