[Photo Flashback] Looking back or moving forward?

By Rebecca Roberts, photo editor.

This archived print from the Collegiate’s photo collection has no information 一 no date, no names and no clues to what’s going on 一 so it is once again up to us to figure it out!

It looks like these Delta students are part of a ski club or even a skiing class. Is there a mountain or ski resort nearby that this photograph could have been taken at? If you recognize any of the subjects pictured, or have any information on this print, please help us piece together the puzzle on Twitter @DeltaCollegiate or by email at [email protected]

These subjects are possibly looking behind their backs to see an instructor, but I see a deeper meaning in this photo. They are at a stand still, regardless of the reason, prompting some reflection; how can we move forward, even on skis in fresh snow, if we’re always looking back at our past?

What thoughts do you have on this prompt? I would love to hear from you and discuss this, or any of our “Photo Flashbacks,” on Twitter @DC_rrv.

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