[Photo Flashback] Up to snow good

By Rebecca Roberts, photo editor.

This photo looks like snow much fun! I haven’t had a snowball fight in years, but I think I will have to let my inner child out to play when the next snowfall arrives. These two pictured subjects seem to be having a great time enjoying nature’s gifts as well as each other’s company. I love this print so much. Just looking at it, I can hear their laughter and the crunch of their shoes on the snow as they run back and forth from each other. There was no information attached to this print, so we don’t know their names or whether they were students, but I am assuming they were attendees at some point in Delta’s history. It looks like it must have been a warmer winter day, as the front subject’s jacket is open, indicating she wasn’t afraid of frostbite, and the snow must have been sticky enough to form into weapons of war.

The setting of this winter war is clearly inside the courtyard on Delta’s main campus, as I can recognize the great pine tree and wooden totem that are both still stationed there today. I don’t see the courtyard getting utilized much when the cold weather hits our area, so I’m warmed with happiness to see these past students taking advantage of the space.

Do you recognize either of the subjects in this print? Let us know who you’ll be playing in the snow with over the holiday break @DeltaCollegiate.

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