[REVIEW] Let the franchise go

By Maddison Godi, reporter

The beloved movie by Disney, “Frozen,” released its sequel on Thursday, Nov. 22. At the start of each showing, the line for tickets at the Saginaw GDX theater stretched to the door. Little girls pranced through the lobby wearing the newest Elsa and Anna attire.

“Frozen II” has already collected $350.2 million worldwide, but the franchise was already kick-started before its release. With all the re-hype for the “Frozen” franchise, it makes it obvious that Disney was in this for the money. But after seeing “Frozen II,” it is hard to be mad at how Disney works. However, it is difficult to see the need for this sequel.

The original “Frozen” came out in 2013. At the end of the first movie, everything ended with a happily ever after. “Frozen II” opens with young Anna and Elsa spending quality time with their parents. From there, background information is brought to light on the parents and the history of Arendelle.

Disney was successful with keeping the plot for Frozen II under wraps. They used a lot of creative measures to keep the story going. It was not as great as the first movie by any means, but it was not a disappointment either.

One reason for this is how the characters were shoved to the side. The story was heartfelt in the way it focused more on the sister bond between Elsa and Anna, but this turned Kristoff and Olaf into a distraction. I guess Disney thought it would be better to focus more on the love both sisters have for each other, but the comical relief from Olaf and Kristoff was lacking.

This new background story from the girl’s parents created the plot for the movie sending Elsa on a new quest. Her call to adventure is an actual singing voice that pulls her out of her kingdom like a siren call. This singing voice is repeated throughout the movie and by the end is on the verge of annoying. Good luck to all the parents who will suffer watching the movie over and over into the new year.

The movie focuses on being nostalgic for the first “Frozen” by showing heartfelt moments from the original. This causes a lot of time to be filled up by repetitive information. It also gave the whole movie a sadder vibe than needed. The focus on the end kept me from enjoying the journey.

Since Disney has begun acquiring large companies, they have kept their ideas separate. Thus far, there have not been any similarities between Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars or Disney since their merge, until now.

During the movie, there is a dark moment when Elsa finds answers on her quest, but then turns to a frozen statue. These actions lead to Olaf not existing, since Elsa’s powers keep him alive. Instead of having Olaf melting in front of Anna, he begins to turn to snow floating off while Anna holds him saying goodbye.

Sound familiar? This is a replication of Avengers Infinity War when popular characters are turned to ash. Now I am a huge Marvel fan, but this irked me and kept me from enjoying the rest of the movie. Disney is known for creating original content and bringing beloved stories to life. Seeing Olaf melt into a puddle would have been more on the script, but I digress.

The end of the movie tied all the loose ends together. Kristoff finally successfully proposes to Anna, which was the main reason I showed up to view the movie. Olaf returns, all put back together. Elsa creates a new kingdom and passes the crown of Arendelle to Anna and everyone lives happily ever after.
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