Robin Hood spoof hits bullseye for theater-goers

The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood

By Zach Parfeniuk, reporter.

For anyone looking for local entertainment to enjoy this weekend, the Delta College theater program is putting on “The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood” until Saturday, April 13 in the lecture theater (Room G160).

The play is a comedic spoof of the classic “Robin Hood” tale, with changes that make the play much more audience-interactive.

“It’s more comedic, more meta jokes, more talking to the audience,” says actor Logan McKee (Robin Hood). “It’s more for younger audiences, but if you’ve seen Shrek, it’s a kind of comedy where if an adult comes in they’re going to enjoy it just as much as a kid.”

As McKee and the other actors explained, there are many points in the play where the characters will interact with the audience or poke fun at their own story. For McKee, being in his first production at Delta College makes it even more exciting to be part of the cast.

“This is such a great production,” says McKee. “The further I got into it, the more jokes that I learned, the more meta comedy that I got to practice while I was onstage and it definitely put me forward.”

McKee’s feelings resonated with the rest of the cast, and all throughout the production the enjoyment was evident from everyone taking part.

“[For me, acting has] always been about expressing yourself, but also being experimental, so I can go out there and be a different person for a while,” says actress Paige Talaga (Lady Marian). “It’s just really fun to get up there and to be able to entertain people and maybe help them forget things that are going on in their life because it does the same for me as well.”

However, back stage is what truly makes or breaks the show. Director Beth Heyart set about making the play truly embody its light-hearted tone and to be as enjoyable as possible. Working cooperatively with the actors to enhance their performances, Heyart expressed that one of her favorite parts of directing is being able to work alongside the students.

“We have a policy of open auditions, so we have students and community members auditioning in this show,” says Heyart. “I love watching students develop, the fact that we will have people in their first show as a lead role, it’s really interesting to be able to see the opportunities that are there for students.”

Heyart also felt that the rest of the backstage staff working alongside her was part of what made the show unique, such as student director Abby Coons, who played Dorothy in last semester’s “Wizard of Oz” production, and tech director John Metiva, who detailed the way that the play’s lights work alongside the comedy to engross the audience in the style.

“Usually in a show, a lot of the lighting is just fading in and out on the center stage,” says Metiva. “But in this one, a lot of the time the lights flicker so the cast can run around like mad men. I think it’s very unique to the show.”

“The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood” brings a new vision of the classic tale that will be sure to make all that see it enjoy the production as much as those working in it.

The play started its run Thursday, April 11, with three additional performances coming up this weekend. Each one takes place in the lecture theater, with a $5 admission fee.

Upcoming show dates:
Friday, April 12 at 10 a.m.
Friday, April 12 at 7 p.m.
Saturday, April 13 at 2 p.m.

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