Saturday is for the boys

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By Cristian Kunse, Collegiate correspondent.

It’s been a tough week at school and you have homework like no other. Your girlfriend is being annoying and not replying to you. It’s snowing in November. You’re on seven hours of sleep a night and nothing sounds better than a redbull coffee. But you remember what tomorrow is. Tomorrow is the legendary Saturday, which means you and the boys are about to have a good time.

Now you may ask, “but why is Saturday for the boys? Why not Wednesday or Thursday?” Saturday is everything the boys stand for. It’s the one day where you don’t have to worry about school. A day filled with nothing but relaxing and good company. A lot of my friends are in sports and they have to practice until late at night and don’t want to go out after their workout. But not on Saturday, because all the boys have plans to meet up.

Now what do the boys do on a fine Saturday, you ask? What don’t we do? From recreating our favorite jacka$$ stunts, to seeing who can eat the most chicken wings. There is never a dull moment with the boys.

But why is this day sacred to the boy? We all have issues in life, and sometimes we just need a day to forget about all the crap in your life and be with the guys. Some of my best memories have been with the boys, like the time I jumped my friend’s Impala on a dirt bike and broke the landing pad. Or I can’t forget the time the boys went to Florida for spring break and got kicked out of our hotel for jumping off the second story in to the pool.

Time with the boys is valued for a lot of reasons. One day in the near future, we are going off to college and will have to do big boy things, like study and try to start families. We all have different colleges picked out across different states. But at the end of the day, no matter where you go to school or who you hang out with, there will always be one group that will love you no matter what.

The boys helped me realize how special it is to be together with your friends. Sure, you can hang out with your parents on Sunday, your classmates on Monday and your girlfriend the rest. But one day remains supreme to all of the boys out there, and that special day is Saturday.

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