Super Mario runs into app stores

By MaCayla Jablonski, Editor-in-Chief.

After years of anticipation, Nintendo has finally announced a Super Mario app that will adhere to all of our Mario needs. Super Mario Run will be available for iOS users come Dec. 15, and we are excited.

With some research, I was able to get the scoop of what the app will consist of and how true it will be to the Nintendo 64 version we all hold close to our hearts. From what I gathered on, the app focuses around the idea of building your own Mushroom Kingdom. The more you play and beat levels, the more you’re able to customize your kingdom by color, size, etc.

How to play: The app is made as a side scrolling, endless, runner style game, meaning Mario will automatically run from left to right as soon as the level begins. The objective is for the player to hurdle smoke at enemies, vault over obstacles and grab surfaces as Mario runs.

Controls: The controls mimic most other endless running games: Tap to jump– the longer you tap the higher he jumps, which is the key to getting you high scores. The creator of the game, Shigeru Miyamoto, created the app with the idea that you’ll be able to play with one hand.

Cost: The app itself is $10 in the app store. I’m sure with time players will be able to purchase coins to upgrade their kingdoms, but nothing of that nature has been released.

Later in the game, the player is introduced to blocks and other obstacles that will start and stop Mario’s direction to keep him from dying throughout the levels. This is so the player is able to collect as many coins as possible and get to the flagpole at the end of the level before time runs out.

A new feature included in Super Mario Run is a multiplayer battle mode called Toad Rally.

The idea behind this mode is, as you go through each level, your opponent’s shadow races alongside you in hopes to beat your time. The more times you win in Toad Rally, the more toads you gather to become residents in your Mushroom Kingdom.

It sounds pretty self explanatory and easy enough to get the hang of but if I know Nintendo, they’ll make sure to throw some impossible missions in there to spice things up.

Connor Anderson, sophomore at Delta and an avid gamer, is impressed by the release of Super Mario Run on iOS devices.

“I think it’s a bold move by Nintendo, but it’s probably going to work out for them,” says Anderson. “I don’t know if I would personally buy it, but for the audience Nintendo is going for, and the age groups with smart phones nowadays, I think it’s going to be pretty successful.”

Anderson says Nintendo should have released an app like this a few years ago to keep up with the age group that grew up with Nintendo games and cherish them more.

Joshua Schmidt, computer programming major at Delta, is nervous about spending that much money for an app on his phone.

“Maybe if a lot of my friends use it, I would consider it. But also maybe not because it could also just die out like Pokemon Go and then I just wasted $10,” says Schmidt.

Flop or not, you can catch me checking my calendar every day until it comes out so I can throw my money away on a Mario app for my phone.

Super Mario Run is released the second week in December. In the meantime, everyone has the option of signing up for an alert telling you when the app is up and for sale. There is not a version of the app for Android yet, but Shigeru Miyamoto has said there are plans for it in the future. Check out the video below for more information. Happy running.


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