The end draws near for another disappointing Lions season

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By Kelvin Butler, reporter.

The 2019-2020 season for the Detroit Lions had a lot of potential after starting off (2-0-1) in the first three games. But the wheels of momentum slowly started to come off after they almost stopped the hot Kansas City Chiefs, but let them off the hook in a three-point loss.

Then the next week, the drama-filled Minnesota Vikings came to their home and won by 12 points, which should’ve been more if a certain receiver didn’t have a career game.

Then the sad realization trickled in for the poor adorable Lions, when they saw that they fell from first in the NFC North to last place after they lost to the quarterback-less Chicago Bears.

Then there’s the fact that they traded away one of their best defensive backs and team captain in Qaundre Diggs for a fifth round pick. This was a terrible trade, because most fifth round picks are never good unless you get extremely lucky. In that case, the Lions basically gave Diggs away for free.

Then during a three game losing streak, their young, gritty and full of potential running back Kerryon Johnson got injured during the middle of the season. So their running game has been dismal ever since he’s been out with injury. Also, since he has been on IR with no timetable, there’s a high chance he will miss the rest of the season.

Especially with this news happening with them having a (3-6-1) record with no chance of making the playoffs.

But anyway, Matthew Stafford is out for up to six weeks with a back injury, leaving Jeff Driskel the starting quarterback, and so far he is 0-2 as the starter, so with that the 2019-2020 Detroit Lions season was a wash.

Hooray for next year!

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