The hungry Bears are trying to get the Detroit Lions leftovers

Illustration by Lindsay Lang

By Kelvin Butler, reporter


On Thanksgiving Day, the first game of the day will be the Chicago Bears heading off to the Ford field to give the Detroit Lions some competition. In this match-up both teams have the players and coaches to do such a thing.

The Bears are having a terrible season with the quarterback, which is an important part of the offense, especially today in a pass happy league. Mitchell Trubisky is having a despicable season, only having two games with touchdowns out of the seven games he started in. His play has greatly impacted his team in a negative way, by hurting the rushing game and by making the defense give up in some games.

Speaking about the Bears’ defense, the defense is clearly Super Bowl worthy, led by the hall of fame talent Khalil Mack. But they can’t hold every team to ten points or less, then knowing how bad their quarterback play in the defense is always on the field. That will of course make the defense winded and tired fast, which will lead to points for the team they’re defending. This is why they are last in the NFC North with their (3-5-0) record so far this season.

Now the Detroit Lions should be facing way less adversity, with their only problem being the Kerryon Johnson injury. Besides that, their offense is pass heavy but it is set up with Matthew Stafford at quarterback, who is a gunslinger and he has four reliable receivers. So the offense should be confident heading into the game.

The Lions defense has no one near Mack’s talent, but the defense is still good enough to not get beat by the panicking and too safe quarterback play from Mitchell Trubisky. So they should have a field day with him, especially if the Lions offense puts up some points early in the game. The Bears running game is questionable at best and their offensive lines are not all that good. With all that, the Lions defense shouldn’t struggle with the Bears at all.

I know the Bears won their last meeting on Nov. 10, but that was with Stafford being out with a back injury. So I predict, with a healthy Stafford back in the saddle, that the Detroit Lions will defeat the Chicago Bears 31-13 in another embarrassing game from Mitchell Trubisky.

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