The Wolverine massacre (part 2)

By Kelvin Butler, reporter.

The game of the week to some people is not the Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Auburn Tigers or Oklahoma Sooners vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys. For many people, especially those from the northern part of the country, the game of the week is No. 1 Ohio State Buckeyes vs. No. 13 Michigan Wolverines at the Big House, the Wolverines home stadium. Maybe it’s because I got a southern bias, but I don’t know why people think this is the game of the week.

But anyhow, Ohio State has the defensive player in the country in Chasa Young, who has caused havoc for every offensive line, quarterback and running back he has played against. Then the Buckeye quarterback who transferred from Georgia, Justin Fields, is a Heisman finalist as far as I’m concerned. When you beat almost all your opponents by 20-plus points, I’d like to assume that the team is pretty badass and dangerous. That’s all I got to say on the Buckeyes.

Now on to Michigan. I think their offensive line has no chance against the Buckeyes’ defensive line, especially Chase Young. Then the Wolverines’ quarterback, Mr. Patterson, is not as good as Fields by far. Sadly, Patterson is just a game managing quarterback, so that alone tells you how “not good” he is. Then there’s the defense which I think is great and all; probably full of NFL talent like their previous defensive units.

So while I think both of the defenses should cancel each other out, it’ll just be about which quarterback will make more plays. I believe Justin Fields will therefore lead the Ohio State Buckeyes to defeat the Michigan Wolverines 42-19.

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