‘We’ll keep working on it:’ President Goodnow’s goals voted down

By Michael Piwowarski, editor-in-chief.

UNIVERSITY CENTER – As the late businessman Stephen Covey once said: “Goals are pure fantasy unless you have a specific plan to achieve them.”

Members of the Delta College board of trustees shared this sentiment when they voted on president Jean Goodnow’s goals for 2020 at the Dec. 10 meeting.

After a near-unanimous vote in opposition to approving the president’s goals, vice chair Mary Lou Benecke simply stated: “We’ll keep working on it.”

Goodnow was asked by several board members to revise her goals and add more specific details, so that multiple issues faced by the college can actually be addressed.

“The diversity goal is one that they’re primarily interested in, in seeing some specifics on it,” says Goodnow. “So the president and the administration […] need to go back to working with our team on a few more specifics.”

Goodnow sets goals for the college every year, and is evaluated by her colleagues on those goals. The diversity goal calls for increasing enrollment of students in minorities, as well as increasing minority employment.

As stated on their website, Delta College seeks to promote diversity and inclusion on campus, welcoming students and employees of different ethnic backgrounds and different minority groups.

Goodnow says that, due to a decline in male students of color, this is a challenge faced by all colleges.

“We’ve done some things to work on that and we’ve made some progress,” says Goodnow. “And so because they haven’t been coming in, our graduation rates have not been as high in that area.”

In addition, more specifics were requested for other goals, including the community focused area on Midland. Delta’s new satellite campus in downtown Midland is currently under construction and is slated to open January 2020.

“So that’s where we’re spending a lot of our time, is getting that building in place,” says Goodnow. “And like we did in Saginaw, you know, and we have tremendous growth there. So we will be putting some pencil to the paper and talking with our team about some more specifics on the Midland Center.”

Andrea Ursuy, secretary to the board of trustees, says that the president’s goals are expected to be on the agenda for January’s meeting, once they are revised.

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