Why I take risks to serve my country

By Gregory J. Haven, Collegiate correspondent.

When I was 10 years old, my grandfather was a combat medic during the Korean War and saved lives, from bullet wounds all the way to burn victims. From that day on, I always wanted to make a change in this world to affect other people’s lives. My grandfather taught me to never give up on your dreams and always be the dog to stand up against the wolves of the world to protect the sheep. I always believed in fighting for my country because I’m always a risk taker, I always stood up for people who couldn’t stand up for themselves and I believe that someone needs to do it.

Being a risk taker is a high reward, high downfall kind of ordeal and for most of my life, I’ve had a high downfall. But swearing into oath to protect my country was a huge risk because once you take an oath to protect, you can’t quit, or else you’ll get a dishonorable discharge and you’ll basically be a felon. As a result, I was the first one to join the military out of all my siblings and of course, I chose infantry, learning to shoot and kill. My father and the whole family were against it so much that they had an intervention during thanksgiving, back in 2017. My grandma Deim said, “What the hell is wrong with you? Do you want to die like the ones who went to Afghanistan?” I responded, “I won’t die.” Then I took the risk two months later.

The military and I always shared a common goal: standing up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves. Growing up, I was never a bystander to watch someone bully another person. It boils my blood. I always confronted that person no matter who they were. The history about war caught my eye. For example, in World War ll, we fought Germany and we were the reason that the Allies won. Another one is 9/11: the towers collapsed, people screamed and didn’t know what to do. When I learned about those horrific events, it motivated me to make a change and keep peace in this world, standing up for the people of the world and killing terrorists.

When people tell me, “Oh I can never join the military, I’d punch the drill sergeant in the face,” I laugh because it tells me you wouldn’t be able to handle self control. Someone needs to step up to the plate and defend our country because this nation gives everyone an equal opportunity to go to school and make something of yourself, rich or poor, black or white. Whether it be military or even police officers, we all step up to the plate and take an oath to protect and serve those who won’t.

I believe in a lot of things in life, but fighting for my country is one thing that I must put before my own self and for the people who live in this great nation.

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